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Essay 2_ Not the end, but a new beginning.

Everyone has his or her dream job, so do I. When I first gain the access to the online platforms, I was amazed by the beauty bloggers and YouTubers. Undoubtedly, being a social influencer such as beauty blogger and YouTuber has become my dream job. In the past, I always thought that these online social …

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poisel Process Post

Process Post_11 Online Shaming

People often think that the internet has provided lots of advantages for their daily purposes. However, in my opinion, the issues of cyberbullying occur more and more often within the current society. This week, we are assigned to watch a TED Talk, “When online shaming goes too far,” by Jon Ronson. Throughout the presentation, Ronson …

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Green Leaf Cafe

I have been so excited about the food at Green Leaf Cafe after reading Helen’s blog. Before visiting Green Leaf Cafe, I have already heard many great reviews about it from my friends. This week, I finally have chance to visit this restaurant! Address: 9604 Cameron St, Burnaby (It takes about 10 to 12 minutes …

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