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What’s In My School Bag?!

Hey guys, this is the first time that I share with people what I put in my school bag. This is a very personal topic but I am very excited to talk about it. 😍

   So, what’s in my school bag?🎒

Usually, I carry my black Long Champ bag or the Herschel backpack with me to school. I choose my school bag depending on what I wear to school or how much stuffs that I need to carry on that day. If there are lots of things that I have to bring, I will go with Herschel for sure.

  • Water bottle🍼

We have to stay hydrated!!!!!🍸

I don’t like buying water at the grocery stores not only it is not that good for our environment but also I used to drink warm water. I bring this Thermos bottle with me so that I can keep my water warm for the entire day at school.

  • Pencil case ✏️

I got this pencil case at Muji. I believe that many people have this pencil case with them too. Personally, I really like its design. It is very simple and easy to carry, not too big but not too small. I recommend you guy to have a look if you are still looking for a pencil case!

  • File folder🗂

I don’t like carrying notebooks with me because some of them are too heavy. I used to do my notes with blank papers. The file holder helps me to organize and protect my notes in the bag. 

  • Laptop/ Laptop cover case💻

As a university student, laptop is the most important thing that I need for school. Especially, in this “technology generation,” laptop represents my life. I need it for lectures, assignments and also group discussions when I go to school.

In addition, I used to put my laptop in the laptop cover. This is from Kate Spade with the very cute and simple design. I have been using it for 3 or 4 years already and it still looks pretty new and clean. However, the only thing that I would complain about is that it is a little bit heavy compare to other brands.

  • Vaseline lip therapy cream 💄💋

I can’t live without lip stick. I have tried so many brands’ lip sticks; yet, Vaseline is always the most valuable one that I would vote. It helps my lips stay hydrated and it doesn’t have those weird flavours when I used it. I got this mini size Vaseline in Taiwan (I couldn’t find it in Vancouver, if you guys see it, please, please, please share with me and feel free to comment under this post!!). With this mini size design, it is convenience to me to bring it wherever and whenever I go out.

  • Floss/ Invisalign container

Floss is the second MUST item in my bag. I am currently wearing Invisalign (the invisible braces); therefore, I need to clean my teeth every time after eating to prevent tooth decay.

  • Wallet

No doubt that every needs wallet when we go out!

  • Earphones and Compass Card

I need these two items with me when I transit to school.

  • Keys 🔑

Obviously I need my keys to lock and unlock my doors 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post, I really like watching people sharing what they have in their bags so hopefully you’ll like this sort of collection!

                  Feel free to comment and share with me what’s in YOUR bag! 💜

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