Green Leaf Cafe

I have been so excited about the food at Green Leaf Cafe after reading Helen’s blog. Before visiting Green Leaf Cafe, I have already heard many great reviews about it from my friends. This week, I finally have chance to visit this restaurant!

  • Address: 9604 Cameron St, Burnaby (It takes about 10 to 12 minutes driving from SFU burnaby campus)
  • Google Review: 4.4 out of 5 (Pretty high and I wasn’t disappointed at this rate!)

Today, I will share with you guys what I ordered. It was a lunch for two

Appetizer: “Osaka Style” Takoyaki

  • I really like the sauce on the top! It’s not too strong but it balances out the richness of the takoyaki itself!

Soup: Seafood Spicy Miso Nabe

Seafood Spicy Miso + OMG
  • It has lots of seafood inside the soup. Although it says it’s spicy on the menu, I personally think that the level of spiciness is acceptable!

Fresh Oshi: Mango Scallop Oshi

Oshi: Fresh Mango Scallop + Salmon
  • Mmmhhh… I personally think this was the only that I don’t really like. The sauce on the top was a little too rich and the flavour of this oshi is a little bit boring. I think I will try other fresh oshi next time!!

Aburi Oshi: Salmon Oshi

  • I really love this one!! This salmon oshi seems pretty classic; yet, it is the first time for me to have oshi with the real jalapeno. The little piece of jalapeno on the top of the oshi balances out the richness of the salmon oil. I really recommend you guys to order this if you haven’t tried it before!

Pasta: “Mentaiko” Creamy Linguine

Mentaiko Pasta
  • Like it’s named on the menu, it is really CREAMY which I really like it! However, the only thing I would say is that the shrimps don’t have much flavour. If the shrimps taste more salty, it will be perfect!

Gimbab: OMG

My Oh, My God “OMG”
  • “OMG” was the first word that came out of my mouth when I saw the plate lol. It’s really big and looks tasty! I think it is similar to deep fried california roll but it combines with salmon inside the roll.

These were all I have ordered for my first time Green Leaf Cafe.

Overall, I would rate them 4.2 out of 5. I not only enjoy their food and but also the decorations inside the restaurant. Definitely, I will visit it again!!

Thank you guys for reading, please feel free to share your favourite sushi place with me!

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