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People do not learn only from school but also from their peers. Throughout the publishing course, I learned that attending the lectures is not the only way to build our personal blogs. Peer reviewing each other’s webpage is another important method that helps us improve our blogs.  This week, I am honoured to have the chance to look at Helen’s personal blog. Through looking at Helen’s blog, I figure that there are many good traits that I can mimic in many perspectives.

First of all, I really like the theme Helen chooses for her blog. The theme is very simple but covey strong messages. When I first click into her blog, the first thing pop up are the title “eat and feast” following with the subtitle “explore Vancouver, BC.”  Theses words have clearly shown her readers what contents Helen will be providing throughout her blog. Myself as the reader, I can expect contents on foods and restaurants or any other interesting dining places in Vancouver when reading Helen’s blog. As expected, when I continuing scroll down to the category “food,” there are some restaurants listed out individually in each post. For instance, Green Leaf Cafe and Gyoza Bar, these are some famous restaurant in Vancouver that I have never been before. However, I really think I should visit them after reading Helen’s reviews as she made some interesting remarks in the reviews.

Moreover, the layout in the posts is another good point that I enjoy reading Helen’s blog. Before reviewing the restaurants, Helen sets the featured image for each post to show her readers the first impression of the food. In each food reviewing post, Helen has provided the restaurant’s information, such as price range and location. Also, she includes the caption that tells the food name and the price underneath each image in the posts. In this circumstances, the posts itself may seem short but the detailed information with images has spoken for themselves. In other words, I personally think that it is easier to read short sentences and detailed photos in order to “explore/experience Vancouver.” like her posts claim.

So far, throughout exploring Helen’s blog, I believe Helen has done the great job to design her personal blog. Especially, her blog has achieved the features of designing blogs that we have discussed with Mauve in the lecture. For instance, Helen leaves many white spaces to balance out the visual equilibrium. Black words with white background is always the right way to go with the blog. When I look at her blog, it is comfortable for the eyes to read through. In addition, the proportion of the fonts and sizes of images seem perfect to me. It is not too small to read but also not too big to look at. In short, according to the features of designing blogs, Helen has nailed it at being a great blog designer.

However, there are some small suggestions that I would give to Helen. From my perspective, I think adding the sub-categories might be a good idea to help the readers exploring between different posts. For example, I would add the different cousin tabs such as Japanese food, Chinese food or Western style food under the category “food.” Or the other way to do is to create some tags on the side bar. With this side bar, I believe it will be easier for the readers to look for the posts that they want to read.

Ultimately, it is my pleasure to look at Helen’s blog this week. I will definitely keep reading her blog in the future. Also, I really appreciate what Helen has suggested for my blog and I will definitely take it seriously.

Thank you guys for reading! If you guys are interested in exploring different places, and restaurants in Vancouver, please go check out Helen’s blog!

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