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Process Post_9 SMART Goals

It is the 9th week since I have developed my personal blog, “Maggie Loves to Share.”  However, I notice that being a blogger is not that simple as I thought. Indeed, as a blogger, I understand that there are many things that I still need to learn in order to improve my blog. From the last nine weeks, I have gradually understood some important sources that I need to take care of as a “startup blogger.” To illustrate, from the previous process posts, “know your audiences” and “connection,” I understand that it is important to know my readers more if I want to attract more readers. At this point, I have to observe what kind of topics my readers would like to see more through my blog. Also, maintaining the connections between my audiences and myself is another important process needed to focus on. In other words, I have to link with my audiences through building up different connections. However, despite of knowing my audiences more and building more connections, setting up the SMART goals is also another important concept that I need to do for my blog.

This week in class, we have the guest speaker, Monique Sherrett to discuss the importance of setting up the SMART Goals for our personal blogs. The SMART Goals are described as follow:

S– Specific – setting up the specific target to hit; Benchmark or starting point is clear.

M– Measurable – a metric (target) that can be tracked.

A– Actionable and Achievable – it is possible to improve based on this action.

R– Relevant and Realistic – based on the history of performance, this is a reasonable goal.

T– Time-based – timeframe; how much time is required to reach the target.

Although I have learned the concept of SMART Goals from other classes, actually I have never thought about setting up a smart goal from the blogger’s point of view. In this circumstance, I decided to set up a smart goal that I can achieve in the short-term period for my personal blog. My smart goal will be described as follow:

S– create more criterias to attract different audiences.

M– looking for different interesting topics that my readers would like to read.

A– asking for different suggestions from my current audiences (eg,. My family and friends)

R– it is possible have the weekly or monthly meeting with my recent audiences to discuss about how my blog can be improved.

T– this smart goal plan can be runned for the short-term period (eg,. 2, 3 or 6 months goal)

Throughout this smart goal plan, I believe that I can attract more audiences from different perspectives. Ultimately, I would like to thank Monique to bring up the idea of smart goals in class. In my opinion, I think setting up the smart goals is no doubt a really important process to improve my blog.

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