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My Daily Morning Routine Products

Starting a new day with a fresh and clean face is the most important thing to me! In this post, I would love to share the products that I use every morning to start my day to you guys 😍

My skin type: normal to oily

Step_1: Cleanser 

Product: Purifying Cleansing Gel from Sæve_Paris 

I hate using cleanser that makes my face really dry after I wash my face. However, this cleansing gel helps keeping my face hydrated after using it. Also, it contains the smell of grapefruits which wakes me up a bit in the fresh morning. I would really recommend to those who has similar skin type as me to give it a try! 

Yet, I have not found anywhere that can purchase this brand in Canada yet.

Here is the link of their official website__

Step_2: Toner

Product: Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner from Kiehl’s

I believe that many of you guys have heard or tried this toner already. Just like it stated on the product, it gently cleanses and soothe my oily skin. To me, it also balances the oil and water base level on my face. Balancing is very important process to myself if I need the long lasting makeup. I have been using this toner for so many years, and if my friends ask for toner suggestion, Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner is always my first option! In addition, and the most important thing is that the Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner is alcohol free!!! Therefore, if you guys are allergic from alcohol, please give it a try!! You can definitely ask for the sampler to try it first or they also have many different sizes to choose.

Where to buy_ any Kiehl’s store location, online store  

Step_3: Essence / Serum

Product: Advanced Génifique Serum from Lancome

It has the famous nickname is Asia called “little black bottle” due to its design. This serum is easy to apply because it gives the fix amount to put on your face every time when you open it. The texture is very light and it helps the next skincare product to be absorbed easier. You can apply it either before the toner or after the toner, it is up to yourself! (I used to apply it after the toner) Yet, it is a little bit pricy for students Q_Q

Step_4: Day Cream

Product: Purifying Botanical Fluid

Personally, as the oily skin type person, I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!! I need this day cream more than the cleaner that I mentioned above. I have tried so many day cream to control my oily skin for so many years; yet, this is my favourite one. It has the light texture and the good smell. If I really have to pick one disadvantage on this product, I would say… I do not know where I can buy it in Canada!!!!!!! Again, if you also have oily skin type, please please please give it a try if you have chance!!  

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